Wiring External Steppers with a RAMPS1.4

  • So I've done some reading on wiring in external stepper drivers and seen that it can be done using minimal components on a RAMPS pcb. I have a few fully populated RAMPS 1.4 boards and would like to use one to control 3 Z axis steppers with A4988 drivers. Just to understand everything correctly, I will need to wire in V+ and GND from my PSU and 3.3+ and GND from the expansion header. After that it's just a matter of connecting the ramps driver pins to the expansion header pins.

    Does this sound about right? Am I missing something? Just to confirm, the RAMPS hat is the only thing that is needed. I won't need the 2560 under it, correct?

  • I've never done it, but I can't see any reason why you'd need the Arduino, I think the idea is to just use the ramps as a convenient bracket to hold your external drivers. If you are on 24v check the ramps you have has the 35v rated capacitors under the driver modules some only have 20v rated caps.

  • Would the pull-up resistors on the fully populated RAMPS1.4 board be a problem here?


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