Height map orientation?

  • Hi
    I am having a hard time understanding the height map after a G29 run. Since I have a CoreXY printer where the bed moves in +Z during print (i.e. it lowers the bed) I assume that I have to look at the height map from the underside, when the height map is "right" according to my printer
    This makes it very hard to understand the orientation an even harder to adjust the bed.
    When looking in top view (the right way!) the X and Y axis are flipped and the Z-axis goes the wrong way…
    Hope its understandable?
    Is there an easy way to flip the axis?

  • So is your origin in the front left corner of your printer?

    I only ask as I tend to orientate the height map on my coreXY as if I am looking at it from the front with a slight downward angle so that like map reading, the height map is in the same orientation as the bed on the printer appears from where I am sitting. Its slightly easier for me as my bed is 300 wide and 200 deep so at least one aspect of the orientation is obvious.

    I doubt its the wrong way round viewed from obliquely from above, with the origin in the lower front left. It doesn't matter that the bed goes down instead of the carriage going up it describes the same volume of 3d space.

    It might help to bluetak a coin to the bed near the origin and run the grid level again so you can orientate it more easily. It will be obvious whether its high or low relative to the plane of the height map.

  • Hi DJDemonD
    And thanks for reply!
    No my origin is at the top left corner (viewed as if you are reading the newspaper) but then the x & y is flipped and z axis pointing the wrong way. Its not that I dont understand the x y z direction but every axis is flipped, and I do know where the origin is…

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    Why not use the bed levelling assistant in RRF 1.19? See https://duet3d.com/wiki/Using_the_manual_bed_levelling_assistant.

  • Hi David
    Ok, yet another thing I have to learn… But is there an answer to my first question? Since I use G29 to make a bed leveling compensation and use the homeall.g file for it just before every print, I really would like to know if there is a way to align or flip the axis in the height map?

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    You can use the mouse to tilt and rotate the height map.

  • Hi David
    yes I know that, but how to flip them so they point in the right direction, because now they dont!

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    The Z axis should always point up, no matter what type of printer you have. If that results in X and Y being swapped compared to your printer, then you have the axes swapped on your printer, and all the prints you do will be mirrored. Do a print that doesn't have left-right or front-back symmetry and you will see what I mean.

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