Slow travel speed when Z Hop retraction is used

  • With the 1.19 firmware installed, using volumetric extrusion, and firmware retraction.

    Config values as below :

    ; Firmware Retraction, called via G10
    M207 S1.2 F1800 T1500 Z0.2 ; Retract 1.2mm at 30mm/s (1800mm/min), unretract at 25mm/s (1500mm/min)

    Doing a print sliced in Cura 2.7.0

    My travel speed is set to 90mm/s
    Which it does when printing except when it does a Retraction.

    Combing is on so it doesn't retract or Z hop within a part, but when it moves to a second body it retracts and performs a Z hop, then travels at about 1/10 the speed.
    Like 9mm/s

    Any thoughts on what I have set wrong ?

    found the issue, its related to Cura.
    When Firmware retraction is turned on in Cura which has its own Z hop. there is also a section in Travel with "Z hop when retracted"
    With this checked it adds a Gcode to Z hop with a F300 command. so the whole travel move at retraction is F300 See below
    Turning off Z Hop when retracted fixes it

    G1 F300 Z78.25
    G0 X5.274 Y39.761 Z78.25
    G1 F300 Z78.05
    G1 F6000 X5.295 Y39.795 E7546.84088


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