New to DuetWIFI, and new printer.

  • Hey guys!
    I've been a Prusa type printer user for 6 years using RAMPS. I finally bit the bullet and decided to build a COREXY machine and go with a DUETWIFI board.
    I tried using the configurator, but something is lost for me regarding motor setup. I've always had the trim pots to adjust the stepper voltage, and im not sure where to adjust these. Plus - where do I set the microstepping to?
    Is there a preconfigured template for a COREXY machine I can start with to work from - just to get an idea.

  • Everything will be done in config.g

    You can use the Configurator to setup a configuration for you.

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    Hi Parabolic, welcome to Duet!

    Regarding motor current, I suggest you look up the rated current of the motors, then in the configurator choose about 60% of that. For example, if your stepper motors have a rated current of 2.0A then I suggest you set the motor current to 1200mA.

    Set the microstepping to x16 with interpolation enabled. This works well in most printers.

    We used to have a preconfigured config.g file for a CoreXY printer, but printers vary so much that it is better to create your own using the configurator.

    HTH David

  • David, Thanks for the tips. I finally got this thing moving - still have yet to print. I'm not happy with my z homing speed. Is there any way to change just that without my overall z speed? I'm using the RRF tool, but It seems it doesn't provide as much customization as Id like. It is very convenient though for quick changes and uploads. Is there a more "advanced" tool - without editing individual g code files?

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    If you are homing Z using an endstop switch, the Z homing speed is set by the first G1 S2 command in homez.g, and the similar command in the Z homing section of homeall.g. If you are homing Z using a Z probe, then the probing speed is set by the F parameter in the M558 command in config.g.

    It's very easy to edit the individual gcode files, you can use the System Filed Editor in Duet Web Control.


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