Heat Both Extruders At Same Time?

  • Is it possible when starting a print to heat 2 extruders simultaneously?
    Also can I eliminate the use of a standby temperature so both extruders always stay at the active set temperature without modifying the config file every time I want to make a temperature adjustment.

    I have another printer with a smoothie board and I can heat up both extruders and hold them at the active temperature throughout a print.

    I'm thinking I'm missing something in the way my config file is setup to enable this. At the least I would like the slicing software to disregard a standby temperature and always go by what the active temperatures are.

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    The purpose of the standby temperature is to prevent oozing. The standby temperature isn't normally controlled by the slicer, it's set by G10 Pnn commands in your start gcode. See http://reprap.org/wiki/G-code#G10:_Tool_Offset. I use a standby temperature of 150C when printing PLA, and in combination with some retraction in the tfree#.g file this is very effective at preventing oozing.

    To set the standby temperature the same as the active temperature, in most slicers you can do something like this in your start gcode:

    G10 P0 S[first_layer_termperature] R[first_layer_temperature]
    G10 P1 S[first_layer_termperature] R[first_layer_temperature]

    Alternatively, in your M563 commands in config.g you can declare that both tools use both heaters, then they will always both be heated to active temperature and they will both heat up at the same time.

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