Duet USB power and octoprint

  • I seem to have a problem with duet and octoprint pairing, that being that the duet wants to be powered off of the octoprint usb connection. Can I suppress the duet from trying to run off of the usb power? I am confused about the 5V internal jumper being of help here, so haven't tried that yet.

  • Might as well just say it. You don't need octoprint with duet it has its own very capable web interface. I used to use it before getting duet but why add another layer of kit/software/complexity when you don't need it?

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    The jumper won't help. The easiest way to prevent the Duet accepting power from the USB connector is to cut the +5V conductor in the USB cable.

  • Dc42, yeah, that's what I figured I had to do, thanks for Reply!

    Djdemon, as for why, I would like to have octoprint control the power to machine and accessories, again I know I can do it from duet, but show me your timelapse configurations and webcam integrationā€¦ Can you configure slic3r to also send Gcode files directly to printer? It also goes well with 2 other setups on marlin/OctoPrint I already run, and those features I really love.

  • Indeed beneath timelapse everything else is working šŸ˜‰

    WebCam-Integration and also (in my case) direct Upload of GCodes from Simplify3D.

    I've used Octoprint and Repetier-Server before too, but with my DuetWifi/DuetX5 and also my Radds (with an additional ESP286) i'm using nothing else as the WebInterface.

    For the WebCam i'm using a Raspberry Pi 3 with MotionEyeOS, where i always save the Video-Stream and inside the WebIf i'm using the live-video Feed.



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