Trying to install firmware

  • I just recieved the duetethernet and i cant seem to make it work. I did read all the documentation but im confused.
    I used the bossa program to install the duet ethernet firmware onto the board.
    Now if i try to connect via USB using pronterface nothing and if i connect the ethernet cable that i know works the LEDs on the ethernet module dont light up.
    Im totaly stuck please help.

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    You need to send M552 S1 to enable the Ethernet module. This command is already in the config.g file on the SD card supplied, but it disabled by the semicolon at the start of the line.

    You did not need to use Bossa because the boards are supplied with the firmware already installed.

    To get the USB connection working, if you are on a Windows PC then you should install the device driver, as described in the "Getting connected" instructions on the wiki.

    HTH David

  • Yes everything seems to be in order on the SD card.
    But when i connect the board to my PC and try using Simplify 3D it cant connect to it and writes out this:

    (Attempting connection at \.\COM4…
    Testing plaintext communication protocol...
    Testing binary communication protocol...
    Testing alternate communication protocols...
    Attempting RTS reset and trying again...
    Connection failed.)

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    Does COM4 show up as Duet electronics in Windows Device Manager in the Ports section?

    Have you configured S3D to use Hardware flow control?

  • it seems that it shows a bossa program on port 4

  • I did download the drives but i have no idea how to apply it.

  • I managed to install the drivers and i did manage to connect the pronterface to it. Now i want to test if the steppers are moving but using jog controlls does nothing. How do i do it?

  • If it is showing as a BOSSA port in device manager it suggests that yiou have wiped the firmware from the board and you will have to recover it use the methods described in the documentation.


  • Well now that i used SAMBA and put the firmware in it seems to be back to normal. But i need to modify some data in teh config file to make it work right?

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    See At the end of the first paragraph it provides a link to a web site that will help you generate the configuration files.

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