Delta Wobble

  • Installed my Smart Effector and glued to the bubble level to it. This is what I see. Any ideas?

    Calibrates to a decent number still.

  • Are your diagonal rods all the same length and same width top/bottom? My understanding is that even misconfigured delta settings can't cause the effector to tip since correctly configured rods act as parallelograms. The carriage adapters that come with the smart effector make sure the rod width at the top matches the effector side rod width.

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    Three things to check:

    1. Remove the rods and use calipers to check that the spacing between the ball studs is the same at top and bottom. The current batch of ball studs has slightly under-sized M3 threads, so the spacing is not as well-defined as it was in our prototypes.

    2. Use a linear spirit level to make sure that the printer itself is level and then to check that the carriage adapters are level.

    3. If your delta uses wheeled carriages, check that the carriages are not rotated about the vertical axis. This can happen if you use printed carriages and they warp, or if the 3 or 4 wheels are not equally spaced from the carriages.

    HTH David

  • I did find a .18mm difference of the ball spacing on the X carriage adapter. Loosened the nut and pushed the balls away from each other and got them all measuring the same. I did notice that the studs on the balls were different when trying to install them on the effector. First thought a hole was cut wrong. First ball stud fell right in and the second was too tight.

    Everything is leveling out great.

    I do have wheeled carriages that are made from acrylic with acentric adjusters on the wheels. They are nice and tight to the extrusion, but I am going to go ahead and get some linear rails just to get rid of one more variable.

    Despite the weeble wobble, it still calibrates decent and prints good. I should have put the level on my old effector and gave it a run around to see what it had done.

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