40mm heatsink fan mount (when using part cooler)

  • I couldn't find any 40mm heatsink fan mount that worked when using the part cooler.
    30mm fans are too loud for my taste.

    I'm currently remixing one now. I have a working one running on the printer now but
    I'm not too pleased with the fiting, it's a bit loose. Mostly doing this by trial and error
    since designing parts isn't my best skill.

    Both models below require the spacer between pcb and heatsink, however I've made it only 2mm thick which
    seems to work nicely.

    Current iteration that I'm printing for testing right now.

    Currently mounted and working, but not near perfect.

    If there is a working solution for this I'd be very happy to see it.

  • Update part, no longer require the 2mm spacer.


  • Looks good, i'll give it a shot net week

  • I could probably make it a 1mm shorter before the angle and shave of a millimeter or two from the fan mount side..

    It sticks out about 1-2mm more than the part cooler, measured on the "long side".

  • I've updated the thingiverse part, added a model where I removed about 2mm from the fan mount thickness.

    Not printed it yet, but should work fine.

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