Bed reading temperatures of 2000°

  • I did a little searching on this, but I only found the solution for when someone is using a thermocoupler, which I'm not. I just have my heated bed wired up like normal to the mosfet on the board. What would cause this heater fault on the bed like that? I have a print going right now so it's actually working fine, it's like halfway through, but afterwards I'd like to know what steps to take to try and resolve this. My first thought is to play around with the thermistor and double check the bed wires. But I'd like some feedback on this as well. Thanks.

  • Resolved, when the print finished, retightened my wires in the mosfets, looks like something must've come loose…

  • Bit late but 2000 is what the duetwifi I'm using reports when the pt100 sensors aren't connected to the expansion card.

  • Same here. If I unplugged my thermistor duet will report 2000

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