Changing Extruder Motor Driver

  • I'm having a problem with my PG35L extruder motor no longer turning. At first it had stopped and then after powering off for a while it would extrude a few turns and then the next command to extrude might actually do a retract. To try and narrow this down to a motor vs. controller issue I'm trying to move it from E0 to E1. Is there anything I need to do other than move the wires and change this one line in the config? I've done this and the motor still doesn't move. So, just want to confirm I've not missed something.

    In config.g I changed this…
    M563 P0 D0 H1 ; Define tool 0

    to this...
    M563 P0 D1 H1 ; Define tool 0


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    That should be all you need to do. Have you checked the extruder motor and cable with a multimeter?

  • Good news. After some dissection today, I determined the extruder problem was due to a solder joint that was apparently not solid and came free. 🙂 Thank for the confirmation.


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