Tevo Little Monster - Duet Convertion

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    I am a newbie in 3D Printing world. Last month I finally received my 1st 3D Printer, Tevo Little Monster. I was attract to it's print size and speed. After received the printer it was a easy build, but spend around 2 days to get the setting adjust and correct. Anyway to cut the story short, after a month of trying I finally get the bed level. But when I start to print anything that's longer then 40 mins, the monster just stop intermittently. So after wasted almost 1kg of filament, I realized there must be something wrong with the printer in the first place. Try to get support from TEVO, but they only keep asking you do this and try that. And it's not getting any where. So after searching high and low I found Duet controller board which has good reputation and review. Now I am in the process to upgrade my Tevo LM. So just wondering if anyone can tell me, these items list below will do the trick and will I need anything else? Thanks.

    1x Duet Wifi - With PT100 Board
    1x PanelDue 7" - With Connectors
    1x E3D Volcano Eruption Pack - Full Hoend (Bowden)24V

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    Hi Mel

    Have you seen this thread?


    Hopefully can give you some pointers.

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