Nema 17 steppenmotor

  • I have Nema stepper motors type
    Lengte: 47 mm
    Voltage: 3,3 V
    Houdkoppel: 5 kg-cm
    As diameter: 5 mm
    Stap hoek: 1,8 °
    Gewicht: 360 g
    Type: SL42S247A
    Nominale stroom: 2,5 A

    What is the best setting for these motors

    microstepping ?
    mA ?

  • administrators

    I suggest you set the current to 1500mA. If you get skipped steps you can increase it, but above about 2000mA the motors will run hot.

    The default microstepping of x16 with interpolation works well for most motors and printers.

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