Bowden coupler popping vs print speed/volume

  • Hi,

    I have a realtivly beefy extrusion system for quick "draft" prints incl bondtec extruder und .6 solex3d nozzle. On my old system with a volcano I had implemented a 2nd bowden coupler because the e3d one would always pop out within the first minutes of printing.

    When I got the smart effector, I wanted to gave the standard bowden coupler a new try but now after a month od printing its starting to pop out again.

    I checked my extrusion volume for my current setup which is .45LH0.72LW50mm/s which gives me 16mm³/s which is higher that the usual 5-10mm³/s that "normal" printer do but still nowhere near the 20-30mm³/s what e3d and bondtec says their systems can handle.

    Therefore I just want to quickly survey what volumes you guys normally print at and if someone else is experiencing the same issues before I start designing a holder for an external coupler.


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