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  • I switched my Delta, ( based on DC42's Large Kossel design, with a few changes) and a smart effector to an E3D Volcano with 0.8mm nozzle.

    Ive done a couple prints and thought everything was working great.
    Heres an example:
    issue on the legs is the slicer as its the same on multiple prints.

    Then I needed to make some functional parts, and I get this…..

    Was not bad first few layers then as soon as it did a layer or two of infill then tried to lay down a first top layer, I get this effect.
    Too much heat? not enough heat? Speed too slow, too fast, too much cooling ?
    This is 0.8mm nozzle, 50mm/s speed, 200 temp.

    And why can't I get images I put on dropbox to embed ?

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    Your Dropbox links are incomplete. Please correct them.

    To embed Dropbox images, change ?dl=0 at the end of the URL to ?raw=1.

  • thanks 🙂

  • You'll find with 0.8mm nozzles that the surface area of the nozzle is 4 times larger than with a 0.4mm nozzle. So if you could go 200mm/s max with 0.4 you will max out the rate you can melt plastic at 50mm/s.


    1. print slower, it sounds counterintuitive but you're still laying down the same volume/sec but with thicker, stronger lines of extrusion.
    2. use higher temperatures, it doesn't really fix it that much as Tom S' recent Q&A with e3d explained its the ability to transfer heat to the filament that counts not heater power or absolute temperature. But a little more thermal gradient helps.

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