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  • When just using the stand alone extrusion controls as in when not printing I need paneldue to use relative extrusion. It seems to use absolute. Even though the web interface extrusions controls is working correctly with relative extrusion.

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    I thought PanelDue did specify relative extrusion, but perhaps it doesn't specify relative or absolute. I'll check. If that's the case, a workaround is to include M83 in your config.g file, then if for some reason you want to use absolute extrusion in your gcode files, include M82 in your slicer start script.

  • Well when I am printing g.code files it's fine. The problem is when I am not printing and I choose to just extrude some plastic. I have been switching from black to white plastic. I then have to clean out all of the black by extruding about 200mm maybe 300mm before starting a print to fully get a complete white with no black in it.

    It's been working from the web interface,but not the PanelDue.

  • Maybe I read you wrong but, M83 is in my config.g file. Again the web interface works right with relative extrusion. PanelDue doesn't. I can go back and forth between web interface and panel due over and overbut paneldue is over extruding while web interface is just right. I assume it's realitive vs absolute.

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