Printer not homming

  • Hi,

    i have read this in Wiki…

    When I try to home my printer, sometimes the carriage or carriages move only part of the way towards the homing switches, and I have to command it to home again to make it go all the way

    but this is no completely mi issue…. when i send G1 command, to move the nozzle, in Z coordinate, it moves only until Z reach 540, the limit in the config.g, and if use de S1 flag, the order NOT works, the printer not respond...

    i cant test if upper axis endstops work, why the carriages dont reach that position....

    i cant test if BlTouch works, why cant move with S1 flag, and one time sended gcode G28, and i haved a head crash.

    Can someone help me?

    what i have to do?

  • Well,

    News… It was a wiring issue... I have Endstops bad wiring, and ever were on... When I sent a homing gcode... How Endstops are even on... Don't move...

    This point corrected... But new problems..

    When now send a G28... X and Z motors goes up... But Y motor go down... And not smooth they will go step a step...

    Any suggestion?

  • administrators


    1. G1 S1 and G1 S2 movements on a delta will only be actioned if movement is in relative mode. So send G91 before using them.

    2. A G1 S1 movement will also cause no motion if the firmware thinks that the endstop switch is already triggered.

    3. If the Y motor is moving down when you try to home, there are these possibilities:

    (a ) You have wired the motor to the Duet using a different order of the wire colours. If this is the case, you can fix it by editing the M569 P1 command in config.g. Change the S1 parameter to S0, or vice versa.

    (b) You have a different S parameter in your M569 P1 command compared for your M569 P0 and M569 P2 commands. The fix is the same as for (a ) above.

    © Only one phase of the Y motor is being energised. This could be because of a bad connection in the cable (the most likely reason), a failed driver chip on the Duet, or a bad stepper motor (least likely). So if changing the M569 P1 S parameter as described above doesn't make it go the right way, check the cable, in particular the crimp connections to the connector at the Duet end.

    HTH David

  • News…

    After re wiring Endstops and motors.... Almost work, explain....

    At the star I can move head, I must homing, and send G28, result, axis X and Y, homing... But Z don't move... When the printer finish homing (only axis X and Y) I can send by console movement orders... When I send a G1 gcode, for example (G1 Z10) ALL MOTORS MOVE... Included Z, what not homing.

    Some idea?
    Tomorrow try, maybe endstop in Z axis is triggered... But this... Tomorrow..

  • administrators

    Yes I suspect that your Z homing switch is reading as if it is triggered all the time. Check it using the M119 command, or the Machine Properties page in DWC. If it is a standard normally-closed microswitch, this could be due to a bad connection.

  • solved…

    Was this, bad wiring

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