Automatically putting heaters in standby on pause?

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    I had to pause a print yesterday from the PanelDue and walked away from my printer, only to realize later that the heaters did not go in standby. So my nozzle waited at 230C with some plastic in it for a few hours. Thankfully nothing happened but it could have burned the plastic inside and cause a jam.

    I paused before and I'm pretty sure this happened automatically before (with 1.18), has this changed in 1.19?

    I was looking at the Gcode reference in the wiki and I don't know how I could implement this myself. If I add gcode to turn off the heaters in pause.g, I cannot resume (there is no version of G10 or M109 that restores the previous temperature). Similarly, if I switch to a non-existant tool (say with T-1), all extruders will go in standby but there is no version of T which restores the previously active tool.

    Of course I can manually put the correct heater in standby and activate it back before resuming, but this is hardly convenient, and quite error-prone.

    What am I missing?

    Contents of pause.g:

    ; Pause macro file
    M83                         ; relative extruder moves
    G1 E-4 F2500                ; retract 4mm
    G91                         ; relative moves
    G1 Z5 F5000                 ; raise nozzle 5mm
    G90                         ; absolute moves
    G1 X300 Y300 F5000 S1       ; move head out of the way of the print, check endstops in case homing was not yet done
    M106 S0

    Contents of resume.g:

    ; Resume macro file
    G1 R1 Z2 F5000              ; move to 2mm above resume point
    G1 R1                       ; lower nozzle to resume point
    M83                         ; relative extruder moves
    G1 E4 F2500                 ; undo the retraction
    M106 R1

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    You are right, what is needed is a command to activate the tool that was active when the pause occurred. I'll add that to the work list.

  • Thanks for confirming David. I distinctly remember successfully pausing & resuming before but I guess I was switching the heaters in standby manually and I simply don't remember doing it.

    Thinking about it more, implicit behaviors are usually not the way of RRF, everything is normally quite explicit in order to be fully configurable. So it makes sense that the switch to standby (and the subsequent resume) should be in a gcode file, I don't know why I thought it would work automatically.


  • I just noticed this was added to 1.20 beta 8, thank you David!


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