Running Triggers in Macros and GCodes

  • I have the following code in a macro called "Start" which runs perfectly fine when I run it on its own. Basically, I just want the printer to pause at a certain location and wait for an external signal to resume.

    G1 Y96 X68 F3000
    G1 Z5 F500
    M581 E5 S1 T2 ;Start the trigger (trigger2 file)
    M25 ;Pause and wait for a switch to be pressed to resume
    M581 E5 S-1 T2 ;Turn off the trigger

    I want to run this macro from a GCode file using this command: "M98 P/Macros/Start". The issue is that all other commands in the Start macro run just fine except for the trigger portion. The trigger doesn't work this way. I have to put the trigger commands inside the GCode file to run them.

    This is important for me because I have different machines and the setting is slightly different for each one. I want to have the same line (M98 P/Macros/Start) in all the gcodes and don't deal with creating a new GCode file for each machine.

    Is there a way around this?

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