Duetwifi with usb?

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    Currently, I am in my senior year of mechanical engineering and I am manufacturing a large volume FDM printer. I opt to use the duet wifi as it's the one I have set up at home on my current build. An issue I did not account for when ordering the duetwifi was that my university does NOT allow rogue connections on the network. I am prompted to select an ssid which required a login username and a password. My university has made it very apparent that adding a router on campus is a big negative, and that they will not allow my printer to access the network, so that throws out the option of using a separate router. I do not want to use my phone as I am not always equipped with one nor do I stay one campus long enough to stay connected.

    My question for you is as follows. Is it possible to access the duet interface via usb connection? I have access to a usb port which is located on the computer that has been dedicated for this project.

    What are my options?

  • I do not believe you can access the Duet Web Interface over USB. If you use USB you could print from Pronterface or another Host Program but all the unique Duet good stuff would be lost.

    An option might be to use a Duet Ethernet in a wired configuration, with either a crossover cable directly to computer's ethernet jack, or otherwise via ethernet switch. No wireless networks.

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    It's possible to use the USB interface of the Duet in conjunction with a host program, such as Pronterface. As the previous poster says, you won't be able to access the web interface. It's possible to upload gcode files to the SD card via Pronterface/USB but the speed is much lower than it is over WiFi.

    If you have a laptop computer, then another option would be to use a Duet Ethernet instead of Duet WiFi, and connect your laptop directly to it via an Ethernet cable - assuming that the university won't allow you to connect it via Ethernet to the university network.

    HTH David

  • Ok….. what about the panel due? Does that require me to have a router?

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    No, Panel Due has a direct serial link to the Duet.

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    I have just released an experimental build of DuetWiFiServer that supports running the Duet in access point mode. So using that may be another option for you. See the separate thread on this.

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