Linear Rails Upgrade for MetalMax Delta

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    been a while since I've been around here due to demanding curriculum in engineering school, but back and had a question with hopes that someone here will know the answer. I've searched around quite a bit, but still have no definitive answer to my issue.

    I've got two MetalMax delta frames from tricklaser, which I really like due to the sturdiness and well machined extrusions. My desire is to upgrade these printers to sport linear rails to complement the PCB effector systems I've got. Through my searches, I've learned that the popular size of linear rails used for this purpose are MGN-12 HiWin rails, but then I came a post from a well known expert (mhackney) who at one point was going to embark on this same endeavor and his choice of parts were LM76 Speed Demon rails size SG size 10. I'm simply not sure what is the better choice, price being of no concern.

    The unknowns, on top of the decision as to which rails to get are as follows: what length of rails do I need to order, and secondly, how best to attach the hardware to the frames I've got, which are (I believe) standard 2020 extrusions.

    Any/all recommendations are greatly appreciated, as I'd really like to expedite the upgrade process but simply don't want to order the incorrect stuff and deal with scratching my head in frustration thereafter.

    Thanks, in advance, for sharing your knowledge,


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    I use the 440C linear rails from Robotdigg. To fit them to 2020 extrusion, use countersunk M3 screws and M3 slot nuts to suit your extrusion profile.

    The rail length depends on the dimensions of your printer. Measure the travel of the carriage, from the homed position down to the lowest position (when the nozzle is touching the opposite side of the bed). Add the length of the slider (45mm for the Robotdigg ones), and that's the minimum rail length. Of course, the carriage travel may change a little, especially if you change the arm length.

  • Thanks for the response. Can you tell me by any chance what the difference between the ones you use and the LM76 version? If I understand correctly, the limiting factor is that the mounting holes should be 20mm spaced holes in a square pattern in order to mount the carriage adapters. Are there any other constraints to observe? Thinking about it for a moment, it doesn't seem necessary to span the entire length of the towers with rails since the lower maybe third doesn't ever get traversed…it's that a fair assumption? DC42, for instance, in your build, can you tell me the dimensions of your build and what rail length you ultimately decided upon just to serve as an example from which I can base my decision on? Thanks again. Also, from where does one obtain the new filament monitoring sensor system you've created. I've looked on your e-store as well as Filastruder but no dice.



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    I don't know the LM76 version. I used 750mm rails in my build, and the excess length is only about 50mm.

    The filament monitor currently in beta test, so not available yet except to testers.

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