Error: M24: Cannot resume while power voltage is low…

  • I paused a print today to make sure check to make sure the hot end was extruding okay (no clog) and when I attempted to resume it I received the following message: "Error: M24: Cannot resume while power voltage is low". I looked at my voltage in DWC and it's hovering around 13.5V. I tried several times to resume the print either via the DWC or the PanelDue and it kept returning the same error. The bed and hot temps were stable and showed no signs of issues. Any ideas where this came from and how to avoid it in the future?

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    I think you must be running 1.20beta2. This bug is fixed in 1.20beta4.

  • Yes, that was the issue. I upgraded my firmware to 1.20beta4 and tested pause and resume. They work without issues.

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