Z Axis Driver not working on new board!!

  • Hi,

    Hoping there is someone on here who can help.

    I purchased a Duet Wifi on the 21 Oct and was well happy when i received it in the post. Started plugging it all in and testing as i went, only to find that the Z axis driver is not working as it should. When i try to move the axis it just rattles. I remapped the z axis onto the spare extruder driver and it works perfectly.

    What can i do to get this problem taken care of?

    Many thanks in advance

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    Sorry you have had an issue with the Z axis, it sounds like you may have a faulty Z driver.

    If you bought it from us (www.duet3d.com) then please send an email to info@duet3d.com so we can investigate further. If you bought it from a reseller, please contact them to start with.

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    As Tony says it's probably a faulty driver; but if you have only one Z motor connected, make sure there are two jumpers in the unused Z motor socket.

  • Yep there is 2 jumpers on the second z. I remapped z to the spare E driver and my z axis in now working. Faulty Z driver!! Been in touch with Duet and we are going through the warranty return process. Thanks for your help


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