Duet Wifi wiring dual x motor wiring question

  • I have a cubepro I'm converting with a Duet WiFi that has 2 motors on the X axis and I'm wondering how to wire them. The motion control motors installed are nema 17, 1.8 deg, Voltage: 2.8V, Current (phase): 1.68A. Wiring both in series on the X axis driver (current draw?). External X axis drivers needed? Optionally wire them in series as the Z motors shown in Duet WiFi wiring diagrams "option B" but I'd have to manually edit the g-code Z-X axis of every file I print. Is there a way to edit what axis is what driver in the board settings/firmware? Solutions welcomed.

  • Interesting, I'm trying to arrange to get one right now. Please take lots of pictures, I could actually use all the info about the stock internals that I could get.

    I recommend a nice long read through this thread: http://forums.reprap.org/read.php?1,707941,page=1 (aka what I did this evening)

    Technically it's 2 motors on the Y btw 🙂 And I also wondered the same thing, whether the 2 Z slots in series would be a good way to drive a heavy-ish dual Y axis, or if we'd want to do parallel. 2 separate drivers is also an option, but I don't think this is necessary.

    So, simplest case, we flip the Y and Z drivers, as there's only 1 Z motor, and the Z driver has 2 motor ports. The mapping all happens in config.g, when you get that far…

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    Yes, if there is only one Z motor then i suggest you swap the Y and Z motor connections and use M584 in config.g to tell the firmware. See https://duet3d.com/wiki/G-code#M584:_Set_drive_mapping.

  • Thanks for the solution dc42. Moving forward again now. Thanks raykholo for the reprap post (good info), and the x-y axis correction indeed.
    Ive got some pictures but its already in pieces now. As far as cubepro stock internals, most of what I know are hot end/steeper specs but I did use an e3dv6 hot end while "stock". Stepper motors are motion control m42sth47-1684sc-s (fl42sth47-1684a-01 new version?). The TCO ("Thermal cut-off"-white square wired in series with the heater element) is a 145c 2a h145, I used a panasonic eyp2bh145 in replacement. The thermistor is 230k (resting at 209.2k at 72 deg), I used TE Connectivity 231k digikey pn 223-1180-ND (TE pn GC2315R-3-200) witch required drilling of the e3dv6 thermistor hole as the 231k bead was slightly larger. The e3dv6 heater I used was a 24v 30w wired with the TCO in series. That is about all I have but I hope its useful.

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