Choosing a wire size for extending stepper motor cables.

  • According to this site:

    At 24 V, 2.4 A steppers driven at 2 A, and 1 m long cable, I can get away with 26 AWG wiring (the same size typically found as the leads on NEMA 17) if 3% power loss is acceptable.

    For 0.9 degree steppers, is 3% power loss acceptable? Thanks!

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    The 3% power loss is I presume 3% of 24V, so an extra 0.72V drop in the motor cables, if we assume that the calculator allows for the resistance of both conductors. That doesn't sound too bad.

  • By both conductors, do you mean the two wires to each pole? Do I need to calculate a "return-trip" voltage drop? I believe the calculator I used is not intended for stepper motors specifically, so I'm not sure if it considers any special circumstances present in the use of stepper motors (which, clearly, I'm unaware of).

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