M106 interaction between S and T parameters

  • Just curious as to how setting a range for "T" i.e T40:50 in M106 interacts with the S ( speed ) parameter. That is to say, using M106 Pn S127 Hn T40 would mean that the fan would switch between "off" and running at half speed when the temperature exceeds 40 degC. So does using M106 Pn S127 Hn T40:50 control the speed proportionally between "off" and half speed over the temperature range 40:50 meaning that at 45 degrees C the fan would be running at 1/4 speed? Or does it control the speed proportionally from 0 to fully on but cap it at half speed so that at 45 degrees the fan would be running at half speed but will go no faster if the temperature rises to 50 deg C? I assume it's the former but just wondered.

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    The S parameter is the speed you get at the top end of the temperature range and above it.

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