Endstop connected not working?

  • I have 2 wire endstop. When i trigger by hand the led light up on the bord. But it dosn't stop the axis movement . Same for all.
    Am i missing something?

  • It will only stop axis movement during homing, this is determined by having the S1 switch in the move command.

    See https://www.duet3d.com/wiki/Configuring_RepRapFirmware_for_a_Cartesian_printer#Homing_files


    If you send G1 X-100 F1000 then it moves X to the left and will crash the carriage if it is not homed (as the firmware doesnt know where you started from).

    If you send G1 X-100 F1000 S1 then it stops when the homing switch is triggered and sets X=0.

    If you want your endstops to act as failsafes, and physically limit axis travel, then you can install a second set of mechanical endstops, all in series, using normally closed setup, and define a trigger, so if any of them are triggered the machine stops. I havent tried this, and so I dont know exactly how to do it but you can search the forum.

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