Extruder not heating soon enough

  • Hello again,

    I've run into another issue with the firmware version 19.2.

    When my print starts, for some reason the extruder does not heat up until after all the preliminary instructions are executed. That means that it cannot extrude even though the extruding instructions are being exeucted.

    This was not the case prior to version 19.

    My preliminary code is :

    M190 S57                                               ; set bed temperature
    G10 P0 S195 R-273					; Set tool 0 operating and standby temperatures
    G28								; home all axes 
    G32								; execute bed Z-plane  compensation at bed.g 4 points
    M83								; set extruder to relative mode
    T0									; select tool ZERO
    G21 ; set units to millimeters
    G90 ; use absolute coordinates
    M83 ; use relative distances for extrusion
    G1 E-3.50000 F2400.00000
    G1 Z0.300 F9000.000
    G1 X21.521 Y45.215 F9000.000
    Any thoughts?
    Thanks again!

  • administrators

    Either add M116 after the T0 command in your slicer start gcode, or add M116 to your tpost0.g file.

  • Thanks! I'll let you know if there's any more issues!


  • Although that did prevent the print from starting before the head was hot, it did not produce optimal performance since the head does not start to heat until the very end of the prologue code, thus causing a long pause for nothing..

    In the past, the head started to heat at the beginning, I guess when the G10 P0 S195 R-273 was read, thus heating while the homing and leveling was going on.

    Would there be any way to get the head to heat while the bed is heating?

  • administrators

    Yes, change the M190 command to M140. Also put the T0 command before the G28 if you want to start the extruder heating before homing.

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