V1.19.2 firmware has affected my auto-calibration.

  • I just updated to v1.19.2 using the instructions on the wiki, although I also needed to put the iap4e.bin file in the sys folder … something not mentioned in the instructions.

    Since updating, the Auto Delta Calibration button and command at the start of the print does not work. The movements during calibration are different. The print starts at the wrong height, and you can visually see that the XY axis is substantially different to the bed. It's so substantially off that the pause command causes a crash. What has changed, and how do I fix it?

  • You probably need to delete the retract/deploy probe files.

  • From the upgrade notes:

    Important! If you use an IR Z probe or some other type that does not need to be deployed, delete the files sys/deployprobe and sys/retractprobe.g if they exist, because they are now called automatically. You can do this in the System Files Editor of the web interface.

  • Ohh, I thought that having those lines removed in the bed.g file would be enough. I'll give it a shot, and thanks for the answer!

  • Solved!

  • I know, because I learned this the same way you did 😉

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