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  • Are there plans for the PanelDue to have a preview of model it's printing like some of the other displays we see out there in the world?

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    It's not possible with the current generation. The printers you are referring to use a different file format that holds not only the Gcode but also an image of the model, and they have processors with much more RAM available than the ones we use.

  • But it might be possible to have a preview in DWC, like the one shown in Octoprint?

  • As I often can't remember how I orientated a part when it was sliced, having DWC show even just an outline of the first layer would be beneficial. Personally, I don't need a fancy gcode viewer but a simple facility would be sufficient for my needs.

  • I've only a guess (not tested yet but will try it when i'm at home again.

    Maybe instead of the WebCam-View it will be possible to integrate things like

    GCode-Analyzer or other WebSites which will be able to preview something.

    It should also be possible to write some code to automated upload the file which should be print.

    Or make an additional Tab where this will show up to not loose the WebCam-View.

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    I agree, it should be possible in DWC. Perhaps you should add it to the DWC wishlist?

  • Let me test it first 😉

  • dc42 are you saying it can't display a photo at all from the sim card. I thought these LCD's are capable of showing photos. If the web interface was ever able to do it than it could send it over to the panel due as a picture. Also we could make the pictures ourselves and as a small thumb. I just have a lot of models with similar names and I have been loading it up in a model program just to make sure it's what I want before a print. It would be nice for the small thumb to display on the control page of paneldue in the blank upper right hand corner.

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    A low-res photo on the SD card could in principle be displayed on PanelDue.

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