Configuration problem with x and y axis

  • I have set up a new duet wifi on a different printer. It is another Hypercube corexy. When I tested the motors as stated in the wiki ( ), the motors move correctly. Now I go to the web interface machine control and press the button for +10 on the x axis, the y axis moves +10. And when I move the y axis +10, the x axis moves +10. I haven't figured out why this is happening or how to fix it. When I try to home x and y, they move a short distance away from the end stop. Haven't figured out how to change that either. The z axis is working fine.

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    First make sure that the directions you want for +X and +Y form a right hand coordinate system. Seen from above, +Y must be rotated 90 degrees anticlockwise from +X.

    To swap the X and Y movement directions, in your M569 P1 command I think you need to change S0 to S1 or vice versa.

    Test your endstops using either M119 command or the Machine Properties page of Duet Web Control. I suspect they will show as triggered when they are not, and vice versa. You can correct that in the M574 command in config.g.

  • I have swapped the x and y motors on the duet wifi and played with different M569 P1 and P0 S values. The closest I got was the x button controls the x axis in the correct direction and the y button controls the y axis in the wrong direction, but can not find the combination where both axis are controlled by the correct button in the correct direction. I'll keep messing with it. Got the end stops responding correctly. Now to get the tight directions figured out.

  • I now have my x and y axis movement problem solved. I had to swap the x and y motors back to what they were originally. And I changed the M569 P0 and P1 S parameter to 0 on both. Now everything moves correctly and homes correctly. Now I can neaten up the wiring and start tuning settings to get great prints.

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