At the end…. UP AND RUNNING

  • Hi,

    Today, its a Great Day…. After a long time, I managed to make my first impression, a 20mm test cube.

    I'm very happy....

    The printer is a Tevo Little Monster, that I have changed the BlTouch, for a Mini IR Differential Sensor.

    Thank all the members and administrators of the forum who helped me install and configure the Duet board, because without their help it would have been impossible.


    We'll see each other in the subforum of Tuning and tweaking....

  • administrators

    I'm glad you got it working! Last time we communicated, you had a persistant Z offset that didn't go away after repeated auto calibration. What was the solution to that?

  • I was using the bed.g file of the printer using the BlTouch sensor, so I deleted it entirely, and replaced it with the one generated at:

    The only thing I see is that with the original file, I took samples of 130 points or more, and with the one generated on the website: "", only Take 16 I think, I seems few.

    With the file generated by the web, in the second calibration, the error has gone from 4.16, to 0.16, I remember, and when When Iiused the one I had with the BlTouch it did not go down by 4 mm

    Would there be any way to calibrate that would take more points? (Even if you were introducing them by hand ..)

  • administrators

    Yes, for delta calibration, you can use up to 32 points. However, the configurator at only allows up to 17.

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