Fan control with S3D

  • I am trying to figure out how to get S3D to send M106 command correctly for different tools. In an IDEX system there are fans assigned for each tool. When S3D switches tools – Duet runs my scripts and does the right thing for parking/cooling the unused tool, but what happens is layer 2 is designated to turn on the fan, and S3D does so after issuing T1 command, so now fan is on on layer 2 for Tool 1, but not for Tool 0. I can add some hacks to the gcode layer change scripts or the Duet tool change scripts, but it seems that this behavior should be slicer controlled. For example if I print PETg with TPU -- I want fan for one and not the other, or some other combination. I would expect cooling tab to define the cooling for that tool -- it doesn't -- am I missing something?

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