Z off set issue

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    I have Tevo Little Monster with Duet wifi and delta smart effector installed. I am trying to do z offset calibration. İts now Z-0.15 and i start printing realize that nozzle is far from bed so while printing first layer i click on baby step more -0.15 in total and first layer become perfect. So i stoped printing and edit config file to Z-0.165 restart the printer and start again with priting to see if first layer is ok? i dont understand why but z offset dosent changing even i am editing config file. Why is that happening? What is the config.g.bak file?

  • I think you've got two issues, firstly your a decimal point out, if your Z probe is -0.15 and your baby steps are also -0.15 then this would be -0.30 not Z-0.165 - but I think your going the wrong way, I'd be inclined to try Z-0.1 or take a look in your slicer, as many include a bed offset there too (with the exception of Cura IIRC.).

  • now i fixed it. i just got wrong information from facebook group page of tevo little monster duet users. i did oppsosite. make z offset "0" and now its printing perfectly

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