Is the T param to M104 sticky?

  • Hi,

    Firstly, let me say that this is not really about the Duet but there are people on this forum who will have an opinion which is what I am seeking.

    On the Cura forum someone is complaining that Cura is using "M104 T1 Snnn" to set a temp of the inactive tool (presumably tool 0 is currently active) and this is causing their smoothieware firmware to switch to tool 1. They claim that the use of the T param in M104 (and presumably M109) should be considered equivalent to the sequence T1, M104 Snnn, i.e. select the tool and then change its temp. Is this how RRF behaves? I don't think Marlin behaves like that because Cura is essentially targeting Marlin-like firmwares and it works OK with them.

    If anyone has an opinion on this (definitive or not), please comment.




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