Adapters for the Smart Effector for Rostock Max Carriages

  • If you want to switch a Rostock Max with the injection molded carriages over to magball arms & the smart effector, makes these nice little adapters. They fit right on the carriages, and have the same 55mm spacing as the Smart Effector.

    I believe he's going to be selling them for $15 a set. The outer two holes are threaded at 3mm.

  • How does one go about getting a set of these? One of the machines I have is a V3 with e3d, 713maker carriage, and trick trucks. I have never been able to get a halfway decent print out of this machine. I do have a set of 360mm Haydn rods and magballs that I could install. Just haven't wanted to take the dive into installing Duet on the machine with the current results.

  • I think he'll be putting them up soon, but if you email him he can probably get you a set.

    These would let you use your trick trucks, the magball arms, and the Smart effector.

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