Heater temperature

  • Hello,
    If I set the heater active temperature as 200 the temperature rises till about 215 and then stops dropping below 200 with an error. Ideally it should stop at 200 Right?
    Help me solve the issue with duet wifi.
    Thank you.

  • run an autotune on your heater

    M303 H1 S200


  • I got this error as "heater 1 reported an error, sensor open circuit at the start of auto tuning". Where I'm going wrong?

  • Hi
    Heater Calibration started but i got below error in Phase 3

    Auto tune of heater 2 failed due to bad curve fit (G=2776.8, tc=178.2, td=13.5)

  • administrators

    Which firmware version are you running, and what heater do you have? That gain figure suggests that you may be using a 12V heater with a 24V power supply.

  • Duet WiFi having version 1.18.1. And yes I am using 24V supply. Do I need to use 12v Supply? Will it drive all the stepper motors and heaters?

  • administrators

    The stepper motors don't mind whether you are using a 12V or 24V supply. But the heater and fan voltages need to be matched to the power supply voltage you are using.

  • I am using a 24V supply with the heaters being 12V. Any solutions for this except using 12V supply?

  • @jaydevdave:

    I am using a 24V supply with the heaters being 12V. Any solutions for this except using 12V supply?

    By far the cheapest and arguably the best solution is to change the heater to 24V.

  • administrators

    If it's a standard hot end with a cartridge heater, you can just replace the 12V cartridge heater by a 24V one.

    If not, then here are 3 options:

    1. Power the whole printer from 12V instead of 24V.

    2. Power the rest of the printer from 24V, but as a 12V power supply for the hot end heater and anything else that needs 12V.

    3. Buy a 12V buck converter to generate a 12V supply from 24V.

    For #2 and #3, connect your hot end heater between +12V and the E0- pin of the E0 heater terminal block.

    What voltage does your bed heater need? If it is 12V only then you will need a 12V power supply to run it. Bed heaters need a lot of current, so using a buck converter to generate 12V for a bed heater doesn't make sense.

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