Print fan and sensitivity

  • I just converted my system from 12 volts to 24 and since then, my print cooling fan triggers the Z probe. It used to be the other way at 12 volts, with the heatsink fan triggering the z probe. Has anyone else run into this and is there a solution? Also, does the print cooling fan triggering the z probe during a print effect it?

    I have to say that I LOVE the duet and the smart effector but the print cooling solution provided has been a real pain. I've printed both of DC42's provided files (bracket and shroud) and I've tried two others on thingiverse but Im still dealing with cooling issues.

    When using David's (big up to you, your awesome!) cooling solution it seems to cool the heat block and cause heater faults. Does anyone have any ideas/experience with this?

  • Triggering during the print won't matter.

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    I presume you've changed from a 12V to a 24V print cooling fan. Some types of fan generate more interference than others. As number40fan says, triggering during printing doesn't matter - it probably triggers at sharp corners anyway. Just make sure that the print cooling fan is turned off during bed probing, by putting M106 S0 at the start of bed.g.

  • This raises another question for me David. I have my hotend cooling fan as a thermo-controlled fan (as default on I wanna say slot two? something like that). Would it be possible to insert gcode into bed.g that stops that fan before probing and starts at again after probing? I don't think heatcreep for the 15 seconds it takes to probe would matter much and I can use a lower sensitivity when probing without the fan. In fact, I usually probe with only the bed hot, then heat up the heater, then set my height manually with G92 Z.

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    You could have your deployprobe.g file turn the fan off, and retractprobe.g turn it on again.

  • David suggested (in another thread) changing the polarity to N and S in the arms at adjacent mag balls, this solved my problem with the print fan sensitivity. It might be worth a try

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