Simple filament-out sensors?

  • Since filament-out sensors sounds to be a great function, but for which my printer don't have (yet) switches to sense it, I was looking on my extruder where I could easily place it. And I just realized that there is already two metal parts contacting when no filament is inserted: the gear and the bearing! Short test with multimeter show contact between the screw holding the bearing and the motors housing

    Moreover than lazy, I'm tired of printing part for my printer, and on my E3D Titan extruder it's a bit more complex than on my second printed one.

    How good or bad is this idea? Motors housing aren't grounded or connected to power? Would it be bad if they are?
    It could be a simple way to get this sensor!

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    Yes you could ground the motor casing and connect the bearing to an endstop input.

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