Panel Due: Not displaying correct fan controll

  • I have fan0 setup to be my theromstaticly controlled hotend cooler, and fan1 as my filament cooler:

    M106 P0 S0 T60:65 H1
    M106 P1 S0 H-1
    ```In Duet Web Control, I can configure it to show the speed control for fan1 ("Fan 2" in the UI), and hide fan0 ("Fan 1" in the UI). And I can see it up at 100% during a print, so I know it's sync'd up correctly.
    But on the _Panel Due_, it only seems to display fan0\. Specifically a single button that says "Fan 0%".
    Any way to change this to show the 'correct fan' on the touchscreen?

  • administrators

    Currently there isn't a way to change it. Is there a reason why you have swapped the two fans compared to the conventional usage?

  • I guess I didn't realized I'd changed it from default? In my head, you always have a hotend cooler, so making it fan0 would make sense there. Not all printers have a filament cooler, or possibly more than one, so having them be 1+ seemed logical.

    But good to know the standard, not hard to switch back around. Thanks

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