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    I am confused regarding the quantity and type of cables required to hookup the PanelDue controller to the (FilaStruder supplied) 7 Inch display and then the cable(s?) to the DUET-E (EtherNet) controller.

    As I did not purchase the PanelDue with pre-made cables, but did order the 'connector kit' of connectors, how many cables need I actually make and how many wires each? Is there a 2x20 (IDC connectored) cable required? Where are the plans for those cables? I desire to have everything ready when my display assembly is delivered.

    Thanks in advance


  • See The ribbon cable is only needed if you want to access the SD card in the LCD display, and is restricted to around 400mm maximum length.

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    One item not yet mentioned there is that if you need to connect a PanelDue 2.0 or 3.0 to a Duet WiFi revision 1.01 or later or a Duet Ethernet, then you can use just the ribbon cable. This is an easy option if the PanelDue and the Duet are close together.

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