DWC request: realtime speed readout?

  • As we're aware, in your slicer, you can set how fast you 'want things to print', but this is then gated by what is defined in your firmware.
    DWC tracks the current XYZ position of the toolhead, so technically, it should be able to track the speed it's printing at. I think this would be a valuable piece of information for the user, especially for tuning slicer\firmware values: Could that be calculated\displayed somewhere in the DWC/Panel Due?

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    What speed would you want to display: the peak speed of the current move, or the average speed, or something else?

  • Sounds cheesy but how about a "speedometer" dial with a digital readout in the centre which also records maximum speed for the current print.

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    Would that be maximum printing speed, or just maximum speed including travel moves?

  • I'd say maximum printing speed.

  • I second the spedometer!

    Could be helpful all kind of speed related calibrations and finetuning.

  • If I had choices, in order of preference (or all, if possible). All speeds would be in mm/sec:

    • The exact speed at that moment for the given move, travel or otherwise.

    • Average speed for the past X number of seconds (user definable?).

    • Maximum speed hit to date in the print.

    • Minimum speed hit to date in the print.

    • Average speed (mm/sec) for print to date.

    I always wonder what speed my machine is actually printing at given different moves, and how that's being gated by the firmware's acceleration\jerk settings. Being able to visualize this in real-time would help make more accurate slicer speed settings vs the real result once passed through the firmware. For example, it took me a couple years to realize that even if in my slicer I set the speed to something insane, the print wouldn't necessarily get any faster. "If I double my speed, why isn't my print time cut in half? Oh… that's what the firmware is doing….".

    Seems like a nice feature if possible.

    Edit: The more I think about this another feature popped in my head: If this could be graphed in the same way the Print Status tab tracks the Layer Statistics, this could give users some really good visual info over time. Technically, if that could be logged per move, theoretically this data could be exported, and the compared against the gcode in some sort of visualizer. None of that exists of course, but it would be an awesome project for someone (not me 😛 ). But a simple number readout would be a great place to start 🙂

  • Just throwing in my 2 cents here. Showing speed of current segment would be dumb and require a lot of processing power as it would be changing every .2-.3 seconds and I'm sure I'm giving these moves way to much time. how about average speed over a definable amount of gcode lines that are coming up in the planner? So like we could input say 100 lines and get an averaged read out in mm/s for x/y/z that are separated. then have a bar graph in the same column to display a graphical representation as well.

    This would allow the user to decide how much processor power they want to devote to this useless metric. Would I like to know what my actual speed is? Yes. Will it change anything for me? No, as I've already tuned X/Y/Z accelerations and instant accelerations.

  • I'm going to throw my 2 cents in as well. What we are really asking for is how much filament we are laying down per minute or second. We already have how much filament is required for the print. To convert that into how much we are laying down per second or minute would not be a big issue and the update will not have to be too frequent.
    For the firmware to actually give linear speed per stepper or per move would be insane and not really useful. In any other CNC application this is not given either. Large CNC machine will give Cutting speeds (or cubic millimeter per minute that have been cut). There are just too many variables such as the segment length vs acceleration, print speed vs move speed, ooze control and many more that would affect the actual speed.
    I don't think a move speedometer would be of any use.

  • Perhaps the readout could show nozzle speed and/or volumetric extrusion rate.

  • I think a moving average of volumetric speed would be best. I often times slice with slow extrusion settings and then bump up the speed using DWC. It would be good to know how close I am to my extruders/filament's volumetric limit.

  • Just looking for this feature as well.
    A lovely graph or other graphic display will always be nice, however…
    initially I would be happy to have Machine Status -> Extruder Drives show mm/sec over last 3 (? maybe configurable 1-5 in settings) seconds.
    Obviously this will dissatisfy those who get value out of seeing the mm extruded here, so maybe having a toggle on the display would be nice .. and then people will want toggles to show mm/sec for each of X, Y, Z and E[n].
    So this would be same update rate as currently shown, just some adds and a divide to calculate the display value.

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