PanelDue not powering up

  • Hi purchased the duet WiFi and the PanelDue 5inch which arrived this week, today I setup both to test as per the instructions on the webpage but the PanelDue won’t power on any thoughts as to why ?

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    Here are the most likely possibilities:

    • Faulty cable. If you have a multimeter, check that you are getting 5V between the +5V and Gnd pins of the 4-way connector. Or try powering it from its USB port.

    • The pins on the TFT panel might not be aligned correctly with the 40-way socket, so that they are 1 pin off in one direction.

    • PanelDue controller not yet programmed. This causes the display to be dark.

    • Faulty backlight inverter on the TFT panel.

  • I have 5v at the 4 way connector
    The 40 way connector is aligned pins all look ok
    I have tried powering from a usb but still not working !

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    I suggest you connect it to a PC via USB and see if you get a "Bossa port" in the COM ports listing. If you do, then it isn't programmed - either it was shipped to you that way (which shouldn't happen) or you pressed the Erase button on it while it was powered up.

    If you don't get the Bossa port, then it looks like it has been programmed. You can reprogram it after pressing Erase for a second or so, followed by Reset.

    Either way, use Bossa 1.8 to load the firmware. After loading the firmware and then pressing Reset, if the display still doesn't light up, then it's probably a faulty display.

    You do not need to have the PanelDue connected to a Duet to get the display working. It just needs power and the firmware loaded.

  • Ok after following the instructions on your blog I have successfully flashed the v3-5.0.bin?
    Screen in powered up and looking stable.
    Displaying firmware version 1.17 is that the right one?
    Thank you for the help.

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    Yes PanelDue firmware 1.17 is the latest version.

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