BOSSA Installation on iMac

  • Has anyone gotten BOSSA to install on an iMac? When I try to drag the files to the .bin folder it doesn't allow it. I'm logged in with admin access so I'm not sure what's up with that.

  • I have the same problem. I have asked the question on the their forum and have not received any reply.

  • Well, I got them installed into the bin folder and I can access them via the terminal app but the Bossa App doesn't seem to do anything.

    To do the install you need to disable called system integrity protection.

    Restart in recovery mode (Press and hold Command+R after start tone)

    From the menu select Utilities > Terminal

    Type the command csrutil disable; reboot

    The system will restart, install Bossa (you'll need the admin password). After it's installed reboot back into Recovery Mode. Launch the terminal and enter csrutil enable; reboot

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