Smart effector sensitivity

  • I recently got the smart effector, and i am loving it. One question though, I am trying to put a script in my slicer to turn the sensitivity down (20-30) for my pre print calibration run and then turn it up (60-70) for the pring. I used the g code for adjusting the sensitivity from the wiki but it does not seem to adjust it. Where in the interface could I look to see what the sensitivity is set to? I have noticed in settings>machine properties there is a window for z probe that has a trigger value that always says 100. is this the sensitivity and if so why does it never change even when I input the g code M672 S105:50:205 as the wiki says?

  • Why do you want to change the sensitivity? Do you get errors during the print that stem from it?

    and the wiki describes a blinking pattern of the LED that confirm if your are on the default or if it accepted your custom value.

    Personally, i also though i needed to change the sensitivity but after 2-3 test I went back to default and havent had an issues since.


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