Using Duex 5 endstops (E2-6)

  • I'm currently using E0 and E1 as external triggers to initiate emergency stop for axes maxima and an external switch. I now want to use these E stops for U and V axes. This means moving the axes maxima and emergency stop switches to E2 and E3 on the Duex 5. However, something at the back of my mind tells me that I can't use the Duex5 end stop switches for external triggers. Did I dream that?

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    Yes you can use the DueX5 endstop switches for external triggers, but they have higher latency than the others. This is on my work list to improve in firmware 1.21.

    There are also two low-latency endstop switch inputs available on the CONN_LCD connector.

  • Brill - thanks David.

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