Wow! 24V and 0.9 steppers make so much difference!

  • The original parts on my Anycubic Kossel are down to the linear rails, the bed, and the frame. Latest upgrade, moving to 24V and replacing the XYZ steppers with E3D 0.9 degree units. I thought the combo of the Duet WiFi and the Smart Effector were good before…Nope! With the higher voltage and the more precise steppers, it SHINES now. Movements are downright snappy.

    FWIW, current config:

    700MM high with 240mm bed (200mm diameter printable, 212mm printable height.)
    400mm linear rails.
    Duet WiFi
    Smart effector
    E3D full metal hotend, 40W heater.
    DjDemonD's extended hotend cooling duct with adapter and 40mm fan.
    50x15 radial cooling fan on DC42's part cooling duct (with adapter for the radial fan.)
    Zesty Tech Nimble Extruder with WinSinn pancake stepper with low inductance. (stepper from Amazon) <== Zesty Nimble highly recommended. Bowden sucks!
    Magball Arms 288mm from Ultibots. (Original arms were 265mm, but this was closest they had.)
    E3D 40mm "Compact but Powerful" 0.9 degree steppers from Filastruder. (Contrary to another post that disparaged Filastruder, I think they are fabulous!)
    Anycubic 240mm aluminum heater, resoldered to be 24V.
    Anycubic 240mm glass bed with 1mm Gizmodorks PEI as top surface.

  • Congrats!

  • Sounds fantastic. Photos?

  • Still have a couple of stringing issues, it appears.

    This print is using a StepperOnline extruder motor instead of the WinSinn.

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