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  • I'm really loving this whole system over the old RAMPS i've been using for years - so THANK YOU!!
    I do have a couple questions/requests though.
    Is there any way to add/delete what is displayed on the main screen without having to recode?
    Personally i'm running one extruder so I have a whole bunch of empty space to the upper right of my 7" display.
    Id like to add things like current layer, elapsed print time, etc.
    Id also like to change the colors to a darker background - is that possible?
    I also dont understand/or see the need for the layer and filament print times -those values are so skewed its pointless to even displaying them (for my needs) - can I remove them?
    Finally, I notice that after I first power on the machine, the panelDue will appear to shut off, however I can still hear clicking when I touch the screen. If I cycle the plug (at the DuetWiFI), then it reappears and seems to be fine throughout the print.
    Any thoughts?

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    • There isn't an easy way to change what is on the screen, except that of course you can customise the list of macros.
    • There is a choice of colour schemes, go to the Setup page and choose Light or Dark.
    • I agree that the print time estimate based on Layers is fairly useless, which is why it is the one that is left out when using the 4.3" screen. The Filament-based estimate is often the most accurate.
    • When you get that problem, are you running from VIN power, or for USB power alone?

  • Thanks for the reply.
    Im Running on Vin power at 24v only - no USB whatsoever.

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    In that case, I suspect a problem with the backlight inverter on the TFT panel.

  • Another question - kinda related but not. I unfortunately "took out" my mosfet on FAN0 and am trying to remap it to FAN1 for my print cooling. I found a thread on how to do this but the "FAN" button on the screen wont operate the fan. I can control it through the web interface on the "FAN2" slider, and I "think" I have it mapped to the toolhead - but im unsure.
    ; Tools
    M563 P0 D0 H1 F1; Define tool 0

    If this is the correct code and it is in fact mapped correctly, what can I do to get rid of the "fan" button on my display and put the working "fan" button up there? I was hoping that once I remapped the fan that the button would also be remapped.

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