Multi axis Delta homing issues

  • Good evening forum,
    I've got a Delta printer of my own design that uses the traditional towers but also has another three axis(used for another purpose) that need to home. I'm having a heck of a time getting even just one extra axis to execute G28 correctly. I keep getting "Attempt to move the head of a delta printer before homing the towers" I've added the U axis just like in the with M574 U2 P1(Endstop active high at top). I've also mapped the motor drive and direction with M584 and M569 respectively. M208 U-170 S1 and M208 U0 S0 for min and max travel. I've assigned acceleration, steps/mm, current, and jerk values.
    My homedelta.g file is as follows:
    G91 ;Relative positioning
    G1 S1 X1000 Y1000 Z1000 F3500 ;Move all carriages up 700mm, stopping at the endstops
    G1 S2 X-3 Y-3 Z-3 ;Move all carriages down 3mm
    G1 S1 X6 Y6 Z6 F250 ;Move carriages slowly up 6mm, stopping at the endstops
    G1 S1 U310 ;Home U axis up
    G1 S1 U-3 ;Back off U axis 3mm
    G1 S1 U6 ;Home U slowly up 6mm, stopping at the endstop
    G1 Z-5 F2000 ;Down a few mm so that we can centre the head
    G90 ;Back to absolute positioning

    Also the homeu.g file:
    ; Homing file for the U axis of the
    G91 ;Use relative positioning
    G1 S1 U310 F500 ;Home U axis up, stopping at the endstop
    G1 S2 U-3 ;Down 3mm
    G1 S1U6 F250 ;Home U slowly up 6mm, stopping at the endstop
    G90 ;Back to absolute positioning

    I'm a little lost as to how to get this guy up and running and any help would be very appreciated. I'm hoping this isn't an issue with firmware and g28 commands for delta configurations. Thanks so much.

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    Which firmware version are you running? There was a bug in the support for additional axes on a delta printer, which was fixed in firmware 1.20beta1.

    Please post your config.g file.

  • I was running the 1.19Beta11. Updated to the newest release and everything works It's just like you to solve problems I didn't even know I had, lol! Thank you so much David! The features you're working on are amazing!!!

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