Calibration beyond radius?

  • Hi,

    I recently bought a fleksplate for my delta but they only had a square ones in stock so now i have a 25x25 plate on a 30 diameter bed. I usually print not much bigger than that so but now I have to.

    I want to place the piece diagonally on the plate so I can use the maximum space, however my printer still "thinks" its operating on 25cm diameter circle, so the corners of my square are cut off.

    Should I just allow M564 S1 to let the printer go outside of the circle or make M665 the circle bigger (to encompass the corners) and only level with the original smaller radius?
    Also how is the extrapolation of the bed level calibration outside of the radius? From marlin I remember that it was not recommended to print outside of the calibrated area.


    PS. Or can I define a square bed calibration routine somehow?

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    I suggest you set the print radius to 150mm in M665, but choose your probe points in bed.g to be within the square bed. If you are using mesh bed compensation, then if your square bed is aligned with the X and Y axes, you can define a square grid boundary instead of the usual circular grid boundary for deltas.

    Extrapolation doesn't apply to delta calibration, only to mesh bed compensation. RRF does extrapolate mesh bed compensation.

  • great, thanks for the fast answer

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